Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to have us come and give you information about holding a sale for you?

Absolutely not! Give us a call today for a phone consultation and to determine if we should come out for an evaluation!


Are we insured?  

Yes. There are many different kinds of insurance.  To start, the house the sale is being held at must have homeowners insurance in effect during setup, sale and clean up. We have insurance that was created just for estate sale companies.


How long will it take to set up for my sale?

There are a few determining factors. The quantity of items, type of items, and cleanliness. Most sales can be set up within a week, but each situation varies.

How do we price your items for the sale?

We price items for what we think they will sell for using our knowledge of past sales and research. An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It does not help our customers if we price items at a point they don’t get purchased by the end of the sale, they will end up in the same position as they were in the first place!


How do we advertise for our sales?

We have many different resources that are utilized, including our website, facebook, upcoming sales sheets,, and we offer choices of many other platforms as well.


Do we have any hidden fees?

We are transparent with our fees which would include our commission (competitive with the industry standard). There are other fees which may or may not apply to your sale that could include advertising, clean-out/dumpster rental, credit card, and eBay fees. Any fees that can be spelled out prior to the sale will be clearly listed in the contract for the customers benefit.


What types of payment will be accepted?

We will accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and In certain situations also checks. 


How do we staff our sales?

This is determined on a sale by sale basis depending on the size, type/size of items at the sale, and security needs. We feel that it is important to have enough staff on site to thoroughly answer customers questions and to help anyone that may want to buy items they need help moving. Once we have done a walk through we can give you a good idea.


Do we have presales?

Yes and no! A family may request a presale for family members prior to the public sale. We do not presell to dealers or other individuals. Everyone should have a fair chance to buy!


How soon after the sale can we list the house on the market?

We offer services regarding the sale of your house and suggest having flyers available during the sale. If you choose to go with an agent, it typically can be listed shortly after the sale.


What to do with the items left over after the sale?

We typically see 80-90% of the items sell at the sale and the remaining items still belong to the owner. We do offer a clean-out service for a separate fee and leave the house clean.