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Hi my name is Chris, I have been collecting and selling household items and antiques for the past 25 years. Inspired by my grandparents that were heavily involved in the industry, I held my first estate sale at 19 years old. This industry has always been my passion; my favorite aspect being the unique items and people I get to encounter along the way. 

Our job is to help and we have the know how you need.

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Our Story

An antique oil lamp was his first purchase at just 8 years old. Attending his first auction, Chris purchased a few oil lamps which turned into a research project and then appraisal of the items. This quickly led into more purchases both for personal collection & resale. That single lamp was the tip of the iceberg for many different collections to come and the interwoven passion for selling began.


Throughout the years Chris has worked sales positions within various fields and even spent a number of years working as a Collections Technician at a museum. Over these years Chris spent the weekends scouring estate sales in the metro detroit area, not only collecting, but also watching the valuation that company's put on their items. He quickly realized what a fine balance of passion, knowledge, and professionalism there had to be to when walking into someone's home. Knowing the correct price point for items, to have them sell within a 3 or 4 day period, while still maximizing profits for the client was the key to the sale. 

Chris saw an opportunity to share his knowledge and passion for antiques to help those without the know how. 

At 19 he held his first estate sale and the advertising paid off with a line down the street. Fast forward 17 years and Chris is still at it with a large crew behind him and a very long list of satisfied clients.

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